Contribution at Aarhus University, Denmark – 1970s: A Turn in the Era of the History of Science

Aarhus University – Center for Science Studies
September 14th – 15th, 2015

Talk: Cooperation without Consensus? Integrated Scientific Approaches at IIASA, 1972–1978

Matthias Heymann and his colleagues organized this rich workshop on the sciences and their relationships to broader themes of political crisis and cultural transformation in the 1970s. Many questions were raised: How did the events of the 1970s impact the sciences and their perception in broader culture? To what extent were scientists affected by changing economic and political contexts and social interests? How did scientists view society during the 1970s, and how did they seek to portray themselves in light of broader social and political unrest? In what ways did scientists contribute to change in the 1970s? Broader historiographic questions, too, were of interest: How do Cold War science narratives help or hinder to understand the 1970s? Which concepts can serve to investigate the rise of environmental interest in science and broader culture? What continuities and discontinuities in the (environmental) sciences are visible from the pre-1970s to the post-1970s? Isabell presented her research project on the IIASA and how the political context of its establishment shaped the epistemological mentality of the interdisciplinary and international research teams.

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The conference report can be found here.