Conference participation at Oxford University – Controlling Environments

Oxford University – School of Geography
15th October, 2015

Talk: The Obergurgl Model – An Integrative Approach to Environmental Modelling at IIASA

Controlling Environments was a one-day interdisciplinary workshop addressing the historical and contemporary significance of the cybernetic sciences as an array of related disciplines that have, and continue to, inform the environmental sciences and other disciplinary conceptualisations of human-environment relations. It was organized by Tom Turnbull, Helge Peters and Joe Shaw. Isabell presented the case of the Obergurgl model from 1974, an interactive and participatory modeling exercise developed at IIASA in collaboration with the UNESCO MAB Programme and the University of Innbruck. The goal was sustainable development – avant la lettre – of the Tyrolean mountain village of Obergurgl.

For more information see here.