HKW Anthropocene Campus: The Technosphere Issue

Berlin: Haus der Kulturen
April, 13th – 23rd 2016

At ‚Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin‘  the 2nd Anthropocene Aampus: The Technosphere Issue 2016 took place.

Nearly the whole CCP team contributed to several of the seminars. From a perspective of transdisciplinary research, teaching and learning practices, the HKW anthropocene campus: the technosphere issue 2016 offered epistemological and methodological approaches as well as experimental seminar formats as impulses to further work with towards a more heterogeneous research and learning landscape in academic institutions.

Alongside inspiring seminar formats critical voices could be heard according to e.g. the technospheric self-image towards an omni-present visibility and presence, that does count for the visitors of the campus, that (re)produce the technosphere but definitively not for most of the worlds human and other entities’ populations – either for not being interested in the sphere or the sphere is not interested in them. Another point of critique was the missing discussion on ‘rules of engagement’, such as room, food as well as modes of expression. The anthropocene campus could put more effort in enganging in transdisciplinary methods of mutual learning and listening as well as of working with differences and decolonizing epistemic orders for not historicizing and critizicing hegemonic modes of knowledge production in a hegemonic way.