Fictions and Policy – A Year Without a Winter, European Commission JRC

Ispra, Italy: European Commission Joint Research Center
November 17th – 18th 2016

„Two centuries ago the world endured a Year without a Summer. Today we face the fearsome prospect of A Year Without a Winter. The project for A Year Without a Winter conceives the years 2016-2018 as a period of incubation and reflection in which to think, to manifest imaginatively, and to respond to emerging environmental crises by bringing together artists, humanists, scientists, engineers and policy makers to respond creatively and practically to future scenarios. While the privilege of mobility has made the opportunity to spend a year away from winter climes a desirable luxury, we want to confront the differential implications of a global destabilization of the climate system. In the face of a future in which this luxury may become a nightmare of global climatic disregulation, we invite artists and scholars to consider how humans and other species become acclimated to their environments and how, in turn, they alter their physical surroundings, cultural habits, and forms of social organization in order to survive under unfamiliar or inhospitable conditions. A Year Without a Winter asks: what stories and visions can we create for the 21st century and beyond?“ (Source: A Year Without a Winter)

The workshop at the EC Joint Research Center interrogates new narratives of climate and climate change that are emerging in the context of the arts and transdisciplinary scholarship and considers how creative interventions can unlock new ways of thinking about our relationship to the environment and our political agency within it.

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