Workshop Travelling Codes

Leuphana University: MECS + CCP | CGSC // International Workshop //
March, 30th – 31st 2017

Travelling Codes – Circulation and Adaptation of Models, Data, and Standards in Computer-Based Environmental Science

International Workshop of the MECS Institute for Advanced Study on Media Cultures of Computer Simulation and the Center for Global Sustainability and Cultural Transformation (CCP | CGSC) at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany.

Concept & organisation: Gabriele Gramelsberger, Martin Mahony, Isabell Schrickel
The event is free and open to the public but registration is required.
To register, please send an email to

Conference venue
Leuphana Campus
Scharnhorststr. 1, 21335 Lüneburg
Lecture Hall HS 5



Thursday // March, 30

11:00 Welcome
11:15-13:15 I: Travelling Codes in Modelling
(Paul Edwards, Hélène Guillemot)
Introduction & Moderation: Gabriele Gramelsberger
14:30-16:30 II: Travelling Codes in Modeling and Visualization
(Simon Hirsbrunner, Gabriele Gramelsberger)
Introduction & Moderation: Arianna Borelli
17:00 Keynote Lecture by Matthias Heymann, Aarhus University
20:00 Dinner (invited)

Friday // March, 31

10:00-12:00 III: Travelling Codes in Environmental Policy I
(Catharina Landström, Helge Peters)
Introduction & Moderation: Thomas Turnbull
13:00-15:00 IV: Travelling Codes in Environmental Policy II
(Ronlyn Duncan & Marc Tadaki, Isabell Schrickel)
Introduction & Moderation: Martin Mahony
15:00-17:00 Final Discussion: Future Projects, Special Issue & Collaborations
End of Conference, Departure

for your information:
Saturday // April, 1

The Paris Agreement – Eine Lesung (in German); public reading performance of the Paris Agreement with citizens of Lüneburg, venue: Museum Lüneburg