Talk at Conference about Reflexive Responsibility Towards Sustainable Development

Leuphana University Lüneburg. Workshop: Reflexive Responsibilisierung. Verantwortung für nachhaltige Entwicklung
February, 8th – 10th 2017

Jeremias presented a paper on transdisciplinarity and gave the concluding remarks at a conference of the VW-sponsored project „Reflexive Responsibilisierung. Verantwortung für nachhaltige Entwicklung“ at Leuphana. His talk „Transformative Wissenschaft – autonom, nützlich oder transversal? Ein feldtheoretischer Öffnungsversuch der Gaia-Debatte“ reflected on a recent controversy in science policy making about whether or not sustainability necessitates a more autonomous or heteronomous kind of academic research. Jeremias pleaded for a third perspective using his concept of transversal fields. In his concluding remarks he pointed out that sociology may help to multiply the modes of research in sustainability studies.