Workshop on: Systemic boundaries in sustainability and transdisciplinary knowledge/action systems

Leuphana University, Workshop on: Systemic boundaries in sustainability and transdisciplinary knowledge/action systems
February, 22nd

The CCP team gathered with invited scholars from the Faculty of Sustainability at Leuphana and the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam (IASS) for a one-day workshop to discuss systemic boundaries in sustainability and transdisciplinary knowledge/action systems.

We explored different epistemic, normative, and practical approaches to complexity or complex systems in sustainability contexts. Throughout presentations and discussions we covered topics in axiomatic order theory, thermodynamics, dynamic norms in societal systems, historical epistemology, history of climate science, dimensions and boundaries of sustainability sciences, computational history of sustainability, local energy transitions, and transdisciplinary critique. The CCP team will keep working with these issues.

We will apply our findings on the one hand to a computational exploration of the history of sustainability on a global-scientific scale and to sustainability sciences on a local scale in Lüneburg. On the other hand we will use the workshop’s outcomes as an analytical tool to describe current trends in international climate governance and in national and local sustainability policies.

Our goal was to identify some important formal characteristics under conditions of complexity and to understand the dynamics of these features in specific non-formal settings. Our main method can be summarized as a form of historical epistemology. The idea of complex systems’ boundaries worked as our boundary object integrating individual perspectives on elements in formal theory as well as empirical biophysical, societal, and scientific systems.